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Sunday 19th November 2017 11:00
Sung Eucharist for the Second Sunday before Advent with parallel Children's Ministry followed by Coffee Hour
Celebrant and Preacher: Rev'd Nathanial

Sunday 26th November 2017 11:00
Sung Eucharist celebrating Christ the King with parallel Children's Ministry followed by Cool Drinks and Refreshments
Celebrant and Preacher: Rev'd Ricky Yates

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15th February 2013


Dear People & Friends of St. Clement’s,

Yes – the penitential season of Lent began two days ago on Ash Wednesday. Thank you to the seventeen people who, both remembered and took the time, to come to worship on Wednesday evening.

In my sermon, I mentioned how that people often give up something for Lent – alcohol or chocolate being two of the most common things. But I also spoke about a totally different concept that I had come across, actually recommended by a Reader serving in another European Anglican Chaplaincy. The idea of giving up busyness for Lent! It is an interesting concept and one I’m going to try & follow myself. As I said on Wednesday evening, this Lenten concept even has its own website. Several people have asked me for the link, hence I’ve included it here. Even if you were not able to be with us on Wednesday evening, you might want to explore the website which explains both the ‘Why’ and the ‘How?’ of giving up busyness for Lent. I commend it to you.

During Lent, we use a different liturgical colour – purple/violet, and a different liturgy – amongst other things, hearing the ten commandments & responding to them & not singing ‘Gloria’. And on the first Sunday in Lent, we think about the ‘forty days & nights’ Jesus spent in the wilderness which of course is what defines the length of the Lenten season. However, do remember that Sundays in Lent aren’t counted and therefore there are actually forty-seven days between Ash Wednesday and Easter Day. Therefore…..

Sunday 17th February at 11.00 – Family Eucharist for the First Sunday of Lent

The Gospel reading is Luke 4. 1-13 which describes Jesus’ time in the wilderness and the temptations he experienced whilst there. There will not be Children’s Ministry this Sunday but I do hope what I have to say in my sermon will have as much relevance to children as to adults. The service will be followed by Coffee Hour in the hall on the third floor of Klimentská 18.

Tuesday 19th February 18.30-20.00 in the small meeting room on the first floor of Klimentská 18.

On the first five Tuesday evenings in Lent, I’m planning that we look at five different Psalms, hopefully with five different speakers I plan to lead the first of these, but not the other four! I’m sure that for most of us, the Psalms are the most accessible part of the Old Testament and I’m also sure that most of us have a favourite Psalm – one that encourages us or sustains us. The idea is for each speaker to relate how a particular Psalm speaks of God and how it has been important in their own personal journey of faith. We will also end each evening, by saying Evening Prayer together, giving a bit of a more liturgical feel to our normal Tuesday evening studies. Do plan to join if you possibly can. And if you have a favourite Psalm you would be prepared to talk about……let me know ASAP!

A correction of last week’s important message from the Church Treasurer – Gordon Truefitt

Last week, I slightly misinterpreted what Gordon had asked me to write. Everybody who gave to St. Clement’s either by bank transfer, standing order or via the dated envelope scheme, has been advised of the amount they gave in 2012. They haven’t been issued with a tax certificate, (which is what I wrote), but if you want one, you can email Gordon & he’ll issue you with one. But there are two sets of numbered envelopes which have been used for donations in 2012, which Gordon doesn’t have a record as to whom they belong. Therefore, if you’ve given by dated envelopes & haven’t heard from Gordon telling you the amount received in 2012, please contact him ASAP, gordontruefitt(at)yahoo(dot)co(dot)uk , or speak with him in Church this Sunday.

A thank you & a reminder from the Church Electoral Roll Officer

The Church Electoral Roll Officer, aka Sybille 🙂 would like to thank everyone who has completed, signed and returned their application forms for the completely new Church Electoral Roll we are required to compile this year. If you haven’t yet done so, please try & do so this coming Sunday. Full details of how to apply & who is eligible can be found on this website here where you can also download an application form. Forms are also available in a folder on the noticeboard at the back of Church. Please note, we must have completed application forms returned no later than Saturday 23rd February 2013 as the complete Church Electoral Roll has to be on display for fourteen days before the Annual Church Meeting to be held on Sunday 10th March 2013. This means that this coming Sunday is the last opportunity to hand in a completed form in person.

Tinned food & warm winter clothing for the homeless in Prague

Most of you are aware of the the two wheelie bins at the back of Church, in which we are collecting tinned food & warm winter clothing in support of the Salvation Army in their work with the homeless in Prague. I would like to organise for the bins to be collected next week. Therefore, can we have a final push to fill them further this coming Sunday? In particular, please add a few tins to your supermarket shopping today or tomorrow & bring them with you to Church on Sunday morning.

Until Sunday

Best wishes