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Sunday 19th November 2017 11:00
Sung Eucharist for the Second Sunday before Advent with parallel Children's Ministry followed by Coffee Hour
Celebrant and Preacher: Rev'd Nathanial

Sunday 26th November 2017 11:00
Sung Eucharist celebrating Christ the King with parallel Children's Ministry followed by Cool Drinks and Refreshments
Celebrant and Preacher: Rev'd Ricky Yates

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Stewardship Letter – September 2012


St Clement`s Church Stewardship Renewal Campaign 2012

Dear Parishioner;

“If St. Clement’s is to remain viable, it has to grow.”

This keynote statement was in our Chaplain`s Weekly Message on 24th August.

Not only does this call attention to the fact that the present size of our congregation is insufficient to support a full-time ordained priest; it also reminds us of our calling as Christians; to grow in our love of God, in our love for each other, and by sharing that love with others, to grow in number.

The fact is; it costs about 1,250,000Kc per annum to run St Clement`s. For our present average weekly congregation of about 50 souls, after deducting full time mums and children, that means that it would cost every breadwinner 600Kc per week. We have some parishioners who give more than double this now; and our total giving still only amounts to a little over two thirds of our total cost.

The answer to this is twofold; we must each of us prayerfully review our giving to the church; and more importantly, we must grow in number.

Reviewing your own giving should not be pressured by what I’ve just said. We give, not to the running of St. Clement`s Church; but to St. Clement`s work in nourishing us, and enabling us to carry out the mission of the Church; to spread Christ`s Gospel, and the love of God to others. We are failing in this, in that our present outreach barely keeps the number of our own congregation constant. We need to grow; for ourselves and for Christ. This is probably easier than it seems.

Firstly, as our Chaplain suggested; we should welcome new arrivals to Prague this Autumn. Many of you will have new English-speaking colleagues, will meet new parents at the International Schools attended by your children, or discover that your new neighbours are also English-speaking. So; invite them to come to St. Clements with you. Many people would like to attend worship but don’t know where to go; or are afraid they will do the wrong thing. Being able to go to Church with someone who both knows the way & knows the ropes, is very reassuring! And; if you see someone new in Church, please make them feel welcome, talk to them, maybe invite them to go out to lunch with you after the service. Please make sure they get a ‘Welcome Booklet’ and complete a ‘Newcomers form’.

Secondly; your Church Council has created a programme for this Autumn/Winter that is especially designed for you to be able to easily invite friends, colleagues, and people you`ve just met. Also these events need organizing, marketing and running, which is a perfect opportunity for you to offer your talent and time, and have some fun and fellowship doing it.

So please see, and fill in, the attached STEWARDSHIP RENEWAL & AUTUMN EVENTS form; and email it back `by reply`, or print and send it to me at Zitomirska 38, 101 00 PRAHA 10.

Pledging how much you decide helps to settle the relationships between yourselves, your God and your church. You don`t have to tell me how much you pledge; but doing so does help some to keep their promise, and it certainly helps my budgeting for what we can afford to do. Again; it is for you to decide.

Yours in Christ.

Gordon                                  Gordon Truefitt, Treasurer, St. Clement`s Church, Prague.

St. Clement`s Church, Prague.


I pledge to give the sum of:(or write: `undisclosed`)…………………………….per year/month/week*

by: Cash Giving Envelope/Standing Order/Bank transfer to our Czech/British Bank.*

I am a British tax-payer and Covenant my giving so the Church may reclaim my tax. OR:

I wish to receive a `Tax Letter` so that I can reclaim tax from my Tax Authority.*

Full details of your chosen giving scheme will be sent to you.

Right that`s the hard part out of the way. Now onto the FUN STUFF!

7th October HARVEST FESTIVAL SERVICE – St.Clement`s Church – 11am

Bring tinned food for the Salvation Army bin! Bring all your friends too!

13th October HARVEST HOME HOEDOWN – 6.30 to 10.30pm

Kids games and treats – Full Fun Fayre Supper

Dancing to: ALASTAIR – 8 piece traditional Ceilidh Band

So lots of Stripping the Willow, Dashing White Sergents, and Eightsome reeling with teaching/ calling for those of us unfamiliar with Celtic Country Dancing

At a very nice Venue we haven`t yet booked yet

Price: 500Kc adults (children over 5 – half price/under 5`s – FREE

This will be a great night to invite all your friends and their families to so please fill-in the number you hope to have in your party and return by reply to this email.

Don`t worry; you will not be charged for any of your invited guests who cannot come.

Please fill in how many tickets you expect to need: Adults:_____Children over 5:______

16th _18thNovember- St CLEMENTS AWAY WEEKEND– at Janske Lazne

A fun and relaxing fellowship weekend, for singles, couples and families, exploring the idea of `FINDING THE WAY`:in a Quiz, a Workshop, the calm evening services of Vespers and Compline, the music of Taize, and a Monster Treasure Hunt; staying at Sola Fida, in the middle of this charming Spa resort in the picturesque Krkonose Mountains. More details to follow; but please indicate your interest in attending by entering your expected numbers below.

Inclusive prices for accommodation and board from Friday dinner to Sunday Lunch:

Adults @ 865Kc, Children 3 to15 @ 650Kc, Infants @ 100Kc bedding only)


A pre-Christmas ecumenical afternoon of carols, stories, songs and sketches for children of all ages.