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Sunday 19th November 2017 11:00
Sung Eucharist for the Second Sunday before Advent with parallel Children's Ministry followed by Coffee Hour
Celebrant and Preacher: Rev'd Nathanial

Sunday 26th November 2017 11:00
Sung Eucharist celebrating Christ the King with parallel Children's Ministry followed by Cool Drinks and Refreshments
Celebrant and Preacher: Rev'd Ricky Yates

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4th October 2013


Dear People & Friends of St. Clement’s,

This coming Sunday, we will be saying farewell to one of our longstanding members, Caroline Studdert. Having finally sold her flat here in Prague, Caroline is moving to London to be nearer her children & grandchildren. She has given so much to St. Clement’s over the years, in particular organising & running Coffee Hour in winter & Cool Drinks & Light Refreshments in Church when the weather is warmer. Caroline has promised that she still will still be visiting Prague from time to time in the future, so we should see her occasionally, but this Sunday will be her last for the time being.

One obvious immediate consequence of Caroline’s departure is that we need volunteers to take on organising Cool Drinks & Light Refreshments in Church this coming Sunday & Sunday 13th October. If you can do so on either Sunday please email me ASAP. Then, looking to the longer term, I’m hoping to incorporate Refreshments/Coffee Hour into our rota for readers, intercessors etc, so if you would be willing to help in this way, please let me know so we can add you to the appropriate column when a new rota comes out for November & December.

Sunday 6th October at 11.00 – Sung Eucharist for the Nineteenth Sunday after Trinity

Our readings are Psalm 37. 1-9; the second reading is 2 Timothy 1. 1-14, the first of three readings from this letter of St Paul that we will hear read over the next three Sundays, whilst the Gospel passage is Luke 17. 5-10, all about having a mustard seed of faith. There will be parallel Children’s Ministry and Cool Drinks & Light Refreshments served at the back of Church, following our worship, provided someone volunteers to lay them on 😉

Tuesday 8th October 18.30-20.00 in the small meeting room on the first floor of Klimentská 18

Our regular midweek Study & Fellowship sessions continue. This coming Tuesday, we have the fourth in our series, ‘Questions of Faith‘ entitled ‘Why go to Church when I can worship God in my garden?‘ As usual, I’ll introduce the topic, but will welcome input from others. We’ll end the session by once more saying Evening Prayer together.

Looking ahead……..this from Gordon


Before Elvis twanged the first chord of `Heartbreak Hotel` and rock n`roll was truly born; there was the `The English Annual Dinner Dance`. A festive three course menu, followed by `modern`, `old-time`, and `Latin American` ballroom dancing, and hilarious competitive novelty dances like `Statues`, `Forfeits`, `Elimination, and of course` The Lady`s Excuse Me` – all led by the Dance Host & Hostess.

So for our Harvestide gathering we`re going `RETRO`! It will be very different, but just as good and as much fun, as our January Burn`s Night Ceilidh. So come; and do your friends, colleagues, and neighbours a double favour; and invite them too. The ticket price is only 250Kc, with reductions for under 18`s and families. We`re in the process of creating a flyer and a Facebook page for the event, so it will be even easier to invite folk.

Take your partners please – For a wonderful evening of festive food, fun and fellowship!

Sermons on our website

Sorry for the slight delay, but the sermons from the last three Sundays have now been uploaded to our website where you can listen to them. Just click on this link , and choose which ones you want to hear. I have already thoroughly enjoyed listening to David Hellam’s Harvest Festival sermon which I didn’t hear in the flesh as I was away, attending the Eastern Archdeaconry Synod meeting. But I was disappointed that I missed out on the various goodies that David’s assistants were passing around the congregation whilst he was speaking 🙂

We are collecting at the back of Church…….

Tinned food – any food, meat, fish, vegetables, so long as it in a tin – no packets or bottles please!

Warm winter clothing – in particular, hats, scarves, gloves, socks & underwear, for both men & women.

All the above are to support the work of the Salvation Army with the homeless in Prague.

Billa stickers

Do you have any Billa stickers you don’t want? Billa is currently giving out stickers with purchases which you can collect in order to get a cuddly toy. The idea is to collect as many as possible and then donate the cuddly toys to a Children’s charity. We are working jointly with the International Church of Prague to pool stickers and get as many cuddly toys as possible to donate to children in need for Christmas. If you would like to take part, simply bring your stickers to Church & place them in the collecting envelope on the notice board at the back of the Church.

Used postage stamps

All used stamps, (except British ones only bearing the Queen’s head), will help raise funds for the Intercontinental Church Society (ICS), who have been financially & prayerfully supporting St. Clement’s since 2000. Leave all stamps on the envelope & cut around the stamp(s) leaving about a 5mm border. Then place them in the collecting envelope which is also on the notice board at the back of Church.

Hoping to see many of you at worship on Sunday at 11.00!

Best wishes