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Sunday 19th November 2017 11:00
Sung Eucharist for the Second Sunday before Advent with parallel Children's Ministry followed by Coffee Hour
Celebrant and Preacher: Rev'd Nathanial

Sunday 26th November 2017 11:00
Sung Eucharist celebrating Christ the King with parallel Children's Ministry followed by Cool Drinks and Refreshments
Celebrant and Preacher: Rev'd Ricky Yates

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20th April 2012

Dear People & Friends of St. Clements,

Sunday worship

The Easter Season is fifty days long, going all the way through to Pentecost Sunday which this year is Sunday 27th May. So this coming Sunday 22nd April, is the Third Sunday of Easter with our Gospel Reading being Luke 24. 36-48 which describes a further resurrection appearance of Jesus to his disciples. It also gives us another opportunity to sing a few more of the great Easter hymns which we haven’t yet given an outing to over the two previous Sundays! There will be parallel Children’s Ministry and the service will be followed by Coffee Hour.

Midweek activities – 18.30-20.00 in the small meeting room on the first floor of Klimentská 18

We made a false start earlier this week with our post-Easter Midweek activities. A combination of factors meant that several of our regular attendees couldn’t make last Tuesday evening. So the programme I set out in my Easter Week message sent out last Friday, has now been set back a week on Tuesday evenings although the two Thursday evening events remain unchanged. Therefore, ignore what wrote previously and instead take note of the following dates and programme.

Tuesday 24th April – Jesus according to the Synoptic Gospels (Matthew, Mark & Luke)

Thursday 3rd May – The Challenges & opportunities in the Anglican Church of Australia with Bishop Glenn Davies of North Sydney

Tuesday 8th May – Jesus according to John’s Gospel

Thursday 17th May – Ascension Day Eucharist in Church

Tuesday 22nd May – Jesus according to the preaching of the first Apostles as recorded in the Book of Acts

Tuesday 29th May – Jesus according to Paul in his Epistles

Tuesday 5th June – Jesus – trying to complete the picture

Each Tuesday evening will be complete in itself though obviously, the last session, now on 5th June, will endeavour to pull all the strings together from our exploration of the four previous Tuesdays. The move to Thursday on two occasions is because Bishop Glenn only arrives in Prague on Wednesday 2nd May & departs at the weekend and Ascension Day is forty days after Easter Day, so it has to be on a Thursday!

Three additional ways to help St. Clement’s financially

Giving either by regular standing order from your bank account, or via the dated envelope scheme, is by far the best way to support St. Clement’s and ensure we remain financially viable. If you want to know more about either of these methods of giving, please contact our Church Treasurer Gordon Truefit truegordon1(at)volny(dot)cz . However, here is a reminder of two alternative/additional ways of financially supporting St. Clements and details of a new third one.

PayPal – on the front page of our website www.anglican.cz , there is a PayPal button which is an easy way to donate, especially if you are no longer resident in the Czech Republic. It is also something you can recommend to family and friends as a way of supporting the Church that they’ve heard about via you!

Amazon.co.uk & Amazon.com – if you ever order anything from Amazon, please do so using this link . Clicking the link and then placing your order will cost nothing extra to you but will make a small financial contribution to St. Clement’s.

And now the new third way! From this Sunday at the back of Church, there will be a few sample polo shirts featuring a St. Clement’s, Prague logo. Polo Shirts will be available for sale in a few weeks time priced CZK 500 each & you can order yours now so that you can be some of the first people to have one as soon as they are delivered! Obviously we hope to sell them to our many visitors as a souvenir of their visit to Prague as they will be a vast improvement on the ones I frequently see with ‘Prague Drinking Team’ on them. Do look out for the samples this Sunday & start placing your orders.

That’s enough from me for this week!

Looking forward to seeing many of you at worship this coming Sunday.

Best wishes